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  • Effortless Company Incorporation in Seychelles: Seamlessly complete the process within 1-2 days, subject to the verification of your identification documents.
  • Year-Round Support from a Dedicated Manager: Ensure continuous assistance and guidance with a dedicated manager available throughout the entire year.
  • Global Access to Extensive Banking Network: Enjoy unparalleled access to the world's largest bank network, facilitating seamless financial transactions for your business.
  • Commitment to Client Confidentiality: Prioritize the confidentiality and protection of client data, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for your business operations.

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Streamline the incorporation of your Seychelles-based company with these five steps

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Step 2: Upload your necessary documents
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Step 4: Opt for additional services as needed
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Required Documentation

for Establishing a Seychelles Company

Originals of a certified passport copy, proof of domicile (certified, dated within three months), curriculum vitae, and the last three months' bank statements are necessary.

Seychelles Offshore company main characteristics

Formation Time Seychelles boasts a swift and efficient registry, typically completing the process within a day.
Communication Efficient communication channels facilitate seamless interactions.
Regulatory Authority The Financial Services Authority (FSA) governs and regulates companies under the IBC Act 2016.
Legal Framework Modern offshore legislation inspired by the British Virgin Islands (BVI).
Confidentiality Seychelles safeguards privacy under Article 20 of the constitution. Data held by registered agents remains private.
Currency Standard currency: US Dollar (USD).
Legal System Basis Operates under Common Law.
Taxation Seychelles IBCs enjoy full exemption from local taxation and withholding taxes
Minimum Directors/Shareholders Requires a minimum of 1 director and shareholder.
Renewal Date Anniversary date of the company on an annual basis.
Company Officers' Information There is no public register disclosing company officers' information, ensuring privacy.
Accounting Requirements No mandatory accounting filings; however, the IBC Act requires record-keeping for preparation of accounts.
Bearer Shares Bearer shares are not allowed for Seychelles IBCs.
Paid-Up Capital No obligatory paid-up capital; standard share capital is USD 100,000, adjustable to meet specific needs.
Secretary Requirement No mandatory requirement for a secretary.
Jurisdiction Stability A stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.
Time Zone Convenient GMT+4 time zone for global accessibility.